Review: gluten-free savoury muffins from Black Pepper Bakery in Brighton

gluten-free savoury muffins from Black Pepper Bakery

By Alice Reeves

If I happen to stumble upon any kind of food market, I absolutely have to go hunting for gluten-free goodies. Sometimes, I wander around getting progressively hungrier and then get annoyed because there’s nothing I can sample, but often, I stumble upon something new and exciting.

A couple of Wednesdays ago, which is the day that they have their Farmer’s Market, I was walking past Churchill Square in Brighton. I decided to meander through the stalls and see what was on offer, when I spotted Black Pepper Bakery – a gluten-free, home-baking catering service that’s relatively newly established. Of course, I had to head over and take a look at what was on offer. Here’s what I found:

Black Pepper Bakery at Churchill Square

Black Pepper Bakery at Churchill Square

Black Pepper Bakery at Churchill Square

Delivering anywhere in Brighton & Hove and regularly appearing at the Churchill Square market, Black Pepper Bakery offer a whole host of gluten-free sweet and savoury treats. Not having a hugely sweet tooth, I decided to buy a couple of the savoury muffins, which cost £1.90 individually – about the price you’d expect to pay for a posh cupcake. If you’re ordering higher numbers from the catering service though, the cost per item gets cheaper the more you order.

I went for a Sundried Tomato, Spinach & Cheddar muffin as well as the Red Pepper & Feta Cheese one. In the interests of a balanced review, I couldn’t have just sampled one, right?

Gluten-Free Savoury Muffins Black Pepper Bakery

I cut the muffins open to see what the bake was like and they barely crumbled at all. Plus, I loved the fact that you can see how packed they are with fresh, colourful ingredients. The flavours were incredible – the cheeses especially came through beautifully without overpowering the more delicate tastes like spinach. They were perfectly baked too – the savoury sponge was light, springy and moist. You just don’t get this with most shop-bought products, so you can definitely tell that these are home-baked.

What a great find! I’ll be considering Black Pepper Bakery next time I’m entertaining and will be recommending them to my friends that organise events too – check out their savoury menu here and their sweet menu here.