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What is The Gluten-Free Dining Guide?


The aim of The Gluten-Free Dining Guide is to provide a helpful, honest guide to dining out on a gluten-free diet, both at independent local restaurants and big chains. We also throw in a few gluten-free recipes here and there, along with gluten-free product reviews. We hope to encourage all restaurants to think a bit more about their allergy-free options, and better cater for a wide range of diners.

The Petrichor gluten-free bread rolls

Recent Posts

Vegan 'Pesto Manifesto' pizza at Purezza

Gluten-free, vegan pizza and more at Purezza in Brighton

| Brighton, Gluten-Free Brighton | No Comments

It’s an understatement to say it’s been a while since my last blog (which was all the way back in March… seriously, how did it get to the end of September already!?) In the meantime, I have been doing my best to keep the @gfdining Instagram account updated with my…

Gluten-free pizza at Fatto A Mano in Hove

Authentic Italian gluten-free pizza at Fatto A Mano

| Brighton, Gluten-Free Brighton | No Comments

Last night I was invited to review the new gluten-free pizza at Fatto A Mano in Hove. Ever since this place I opened, friends have been raving about it – about the authenticity of the pizza, the quality of ingredients, the atmosphere of the place. And the whole time I’ve…

Gluten-Free Cakes By Cheeky Vegan Baker

Gluten-free, vegan cakes from Cheeky Vegan Baker

| Gluten-Free Cake | No Comments

A couple of months ago I got an email from a lovely colleague of mine, Alli Wilson, about her new venture Cheeky Vegan Baker. When I asked whether she happened to make gluten-free cakes not only did she say yes, but also offered to bake me something incorporating my current addiction: peanut butter! Never…

Gluten-Free Bresaola Pizza At Morelli Zorelli

Morelli Zorelli is back – hooray for gluten-free pizza!

| Gluten-Free Brighton, Gluten-Free Takeaways | One Comment

It’s been a tough few months in the gluten-free dining world. My favourite gluten-free pizza place and go-to comfort food destination, Morelli Zorelli in Brighton, was closed for the entire summer. When they re-opened at the beginning of September, I heard on the gluten-free grapevine that there were a few teething…

High Protein Chicken & Pepper Pizza From Muscle Food

Gluten-free, low-calorie, high-protein pizzas from Muscle Food (plus a freebie for you)

| Gluten-Free Shopping | No Comments

Last month, Muscle Food got in touch and asked whether I’d be interested in reviewing their gluten-free meat hamper as well as a selection of their new gluten-free, low-calorie, high-protein pizzas. I know, they sound too good to be true. Their email came at the perfect time – just as…

Gluten-Free Luciana Burger Le Coq & The Burg

Gluten-Free Dining in Barcelona: 2016 Round-Up

| Barcelona, Gluten-Free Restaurants | No Comments

Earlier this month, I spent five GORGEOUS days in Barcelona. Not only did we see so much of the city including the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Montjuïc Castle, La Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter and more, we also found plenty of fantastic gluten-free food. Finding gluten-free food in Barcelona… It seemed…

Loaf cakes and macarons from De Baere

Gluten-free macarons and cakes from De Baere

| Gluten-Free Cake | No Comments

These days it’s not hard to find gluten free cake, the difficulty lies in finding a cake that is not too sweet, too moist or too dry. Nor do I want a cake that is gluten-free as way of being “healthy”. I’m a grown woman and I will have my…

gluten-free chicken burger at handmade burger co.

Gluten-free dining at Handmade Burger Co.

| Gluten-Free Restaurants, UK chains | No Comments

The other week I found myself in Leeds for a work trip. After throwing around a number of different suggestions that would cater to our various dietary requirements, my colleague suggested that we head over to the Trinity Centre to grab a burger at Handmade Burger Co. Wanting to check that…

Gluten-Free Smoked Tofu Earth & Stars

Gluten-Free Brighton: The Earth & Stars

| Brighton, Gluten-Free Brighton | No Comments

The Earth & Stars in Brighton’s North Laine has long been been one of my favourite pubs. Not only do I love the location, the laid-back atmosphere, and the friendly staff, they’ve also always been brilliant at catering to a gluten-free diet. While the food here has always been great,…

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