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Alice Reeves, Founder & Editor


I’m Alice and I live in Brighton, UK. I was diagnosed with chronic IBS after suffering years of unexplained stomach pains and started following a gluten-free diet in 2007. While locating gluten-free dining options has become significantly easier within the last few years, it can still be a bit of a pain. Especially when you’re new to the whole gluten-free thing and aren’t entirely sure what you can and can’t have.

By writing this blog, I hope to encourage all restaurants to think a bit more about their allergy-free options. Rather than simply (and lazily) removing the gluten-containing components of a dish, it would be fantastic if more places provided “proper” gluten-free alternatives. I’ve been served soup without anything to dunk in it, pâté and terrine with nothing to spread it on, told that breaded chicken nuggets are gluten-free (good job I’m on the ball) and had to leave restaurants because none of the waiting staff – or more worryingly, the chefs – could tell me what was safe to eat.

Alice Reeves Senza Gluten NYC

Ellike Svensson, London Writer



I’m Ellika, and I’m a garment technologist from London, and part-time writer for The Gluten-Free Dining Guide.

Ellinor Siljeström, London Writer


I’m Ellinor, and I’m also from London. I’m a knitwear designer.

Recent Posts

Gluten-free pizza at Fatto A Mano in Hove

Authentic Italian gluten-free pizza at Fatto A Mano

| Brighton, Gluten-Free Brighton | No Comments

Last night I was invited to review the new gluten-free pizza at Fatto A Mano in Hove. Ever since this place I opened, friends have been raving about it – about the authenticity of the pizza, the quality of ingredients, the atmosphere of the place. And the whole time I’ve…

Gluten-Free Cakes By Cheeky Vegan Baker

Gluten-free, vegan cakes from Cheeky Vegan Baker

| Gluten-Free Cake | No Comments

A couple of months ago I got an email from a lovely colleague of mine, Alli Wilson, about her new venture Cheeky Vegan Baker. When I asked whether she happened to make gluten-free cakes not only did she say yes, but also offered to bake me something incorporating my current addiction: peanut butter! Never…

Gluten-Free Bresaola Pizza At Morelli Zorelli

Morelli Zorelli is back – hooray for gluten-free pizza!

| Gluten-Free Brighton, Gluten-Free Takeaways | No Comments

It’s been a tough few months in the gluten-free dining world. My favourite gluten-free pizza place and go-to comfort food destination, Morelli Zorelli in Brighton, was closed for the entire summer. When they re-opened at the beginning of September, I heard on the gluten-free grapevine that there were a few teething…

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