Review: gluten-free burgers at The New Club in Brighton

Gluten-free Dirty Burger at The New Club

By Alice Reeves

Yes, yes, I know, I know. Another gluten-free burger review. My name is Alice and I am a burger addict. It’s fine, once I’ve eaten every burger in Brighton, I’ll stop. Maybe.

This time it was the turn of The New Club in Brighton. I’ve had lunch here once before, earlier in the year, but back then their gluten-free option was a “skinny” burger with no bun. I really wanted to try their signature ‘Dirty Burger’ – albeit bun-less with fries – and while it was incredibly tasty, I was still disappointed that I couldn’t pick it up in my hands, get stuck in and have the PROPER “burger experience”.

When I heard via Twitter that not only are The New Club now offering gluten-free burger buns – but they’re sourcing them from the AWESOME Sussex Bread Company who also provide GF buns for Coggings & Co and The Troll’s Pantry – I knew it was going to be good.

Gluten-free Dirty Burger and fries

My burger looked amazing when it was served up. The New Club has gone for the same kind of look and feel as London’s Honest Burgers when it comes to presentation, in that their burgers and fries are served up in artfully battered enamelled metal dishes. I love it. Located right on Brighton seafront at the bottom of Preston Street, the restaurant / bar has a relaxed atmosphere and the staff are friendly and chatty – exactly the kind of place that you want to kick back, chill out and enjoy a blimmin’ good burger.

Dirty Burger The New Club

Onto the burger itself. WOW. Just wow. This is so much more than just a burger with a bit of cheese and some relish. This is a SERIOUSLY DIRTY BURGER. And I mean pure and utter filth. In the best way imaginable. Labelled on the menu as “critically acclaimed” – and rightly so – this stack of sheer deliciousness contains Monterey Jack cheese, hickory-smoked onion / bacon relish, pickled cabbage, gherkins, salad and house sauce. Whatever this magical and mystical “house sauce” is, I need more of it.

The chips were perfect too. Crunchy, salty, beautifully seasoned and a surprisingly generous portion. I was totally stuffed at the end of my meal. At £11.50 in total for the burger (£8.50) and house fries (£3) I thought the food was great value – especially for a restaurant that’s sitting right on the sea front. The New Club are currently closed every Monday until March 2015 due to essential refurbishment work, so make sure that you head there between Tuesday and Sunday to avoid disappointment. Trust me, you need this burger in your life.

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