Morelli Zorelli is back – hooray for gluten-free pizza!

It’s been a tough few months in the gluten-free dining world. My favourite gluten-free pizza place and go-to comfort food destination, Morelli Zorelli in Brighton, was closed for the entire summer. When they re-opened at the beginning of September, I heard on the gluten-free grapevine that there were a few teething problems with the new kitchen. Plus, home delivery (aka my Sunday hangover saviour) still wasn’t available.

I cannot tell you how delighted I was  to get a message from @snafflepuss a few weeks ago telling me that all the issues we’d heard about were ironed out, and that the Morelli Zorelli we knew and loved was back. What’s more,  the home delivery service was re-launching imminently. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t physically jump for joy.

Morelli Zorelli Brighton Interior

In addition to having a swish new exterior, inside the restaurant Morelli Zorelli is virtually unrecognisable. The tiny kitchen has been expanded to cope with their growing popularity, they have a HUGE new pizza oven, and there’s far more available seating than there used to be. All-in-all, it’s a far nicer space to sit and enjoy a meal.

I always used to get takeaways as I live over on the other side of the city, but things might change now that Morelli Zorelli feels more like a dining destination with modern light fittings, long high tables to sit in a group, and properly printed menus. Oh, and they have a selection of gluten-free beers too!

Morelli Zorelli Gluten-Free Menu

After a few months of missing Morelli Zorelli’s pizzas so terribly (honestly folks, no other gluten-free pizza compares) I was really looking forward to my favourite topping, the Bresaola, which is air-dried Italian beef, mozzarella, Parmesan Reggiano, and fresh rocket. I was not disappointed. In fact, it was so good that I messaged the restaurant to ask whether they’d changed the supplier of the their gluten-free bases – if so, I wanted to know where I could get these ones!

Gluten-Free Bresaola Pizza At Morelli Zorelli

They messaged back to confirm that these are still Venice Bakery bases, and that the improvement in taste and texture is solely down to the new oven.  It’s crazy the difference it makes. They now have one of the best pizza ovens on the market, which cooks the pizzas incredibly fast and locks in all the flavour. It’s like the complete opposite of baking a pizza in a home fan oven, which dries out the toppings and the base.

As you may be able to tell, I’m thrilled to bits that Morelli Zorelli is back up and running. The closure and refurb was totally worth the wait. For research purposes (ahem) I ordered a pizza for delivery this weekend.  It was great to see the same easy ordering process, as well as the addition of a text message alert to tell you when your pizza is on it’s way.

All I can say in summary is: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Words and pictures by Alice Reeves. The Gluten-Free Dining Guide was provided with a complimentary pizza for the purposes of review, but all words and opinions are honest and the author’s own. We are genuinely HUGE fans of Morelli Zorelli – just in case you hadn’t guessed! 

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