Gluten-free macarons and cakes from De Baere

These days it’s not hard to find gluten free cake, the difficulty lies in finding a cake that is not too sweet, too moist or too dry. Nor do I want a cake that is gluten-free as way of being “healthy”. I’m a grown woman and I will have my cake and eat it and if I want to be healthy I’ll skip the cake and have an apple. It was therefore with great pleasure we accepted the invitation to try out some of the gluten-free treats from De Baere.

Gluten-free cakes from De Baere and coffee

On what might have been the last day of summer we gathered in the garden to enjoy one of the most Swedish things there is – the afternoon fika. While the British have their tea, swedes have fika.

Fika is a social institution, a sacred part of the day and a not just a coffee break. An integral part of fika is the inclusion of cake and preferably lots of it. (OK, the last part may have been a slight exaggeration but an abundance of cake has never been frowned upon.)

De Baere Gluten-Free Cakes & Coffee

The macarons were first on our list. A moment of silence fell before unison praise began to chime. “Delicious”, “gorgeous”, “great flavour” and “are there any more?” sums up the initial response to the treats.

Gluten-free macarons from DeBaere

The blueberry macarons were a vivid shade of blue and had a surprisingly strong flavour of freshly picked berries. The strawberry and passion fruit version did not disappoint either but the overall favourite were the coffee flavoured delights.

The fruit and pistachio loaf contained a generous amount of kernels and the orange and polenta loaf was laden with delicious orange drizzle that also provided the cake with a good amount of moisture.

Loaf cakes and macarons from De Baere

I have to be honest, and though I hate to criticise, the Pistachio Lemon slice was the lone low point of the selection – overly crumbly and a tad dry, with sharply flavoured icing.

Gluten-free pistachio and lemon slices De Baere

However, the cakes that the divided the party in two camps were the apple cake and the pear cake. The apple cake was very sweet and had the most perfect texture, some even thought it was second only to the macaroons.

Gluten-free tray bakes from De Baere

The pear, chocolate and cardamom cake was moist and the combination of the flavours worked so well.

If you’re on the hunt for a celebration cake, De Baere also offers a catering service. Find out more at

Words by Ellika. Pictures by Ellinor. We received a selection of cakes and macarons free of charge for the purposes of review, but all opinions are honest and our own.