Gluten-Free London: Debaere

Debaere is an award-winning artisan bakery that was established in 1998 by Ric De Baere, a Master Pastry Chef from Belgium. Locating to London, he established a wholesale business and a small chain of cafes. Today, proud of its artisan roots, Debaere is wholesale bakery supplying cakes, pattisiere, and bread to a whole host of coffee shops, restaurants, and retailers.  Winners of four Great Taste Awards over the last three years, we found out a bit more about what they bring to the gluten-free table…

Apricot macarons by DeBaere

© DeBaere

Why did you decide to offer gluten-free options?

Firstly, we wanted to meet a growing demand by our customers for tasty, baked gluten-free products. We were receiving requests from coeliacs as well as those choosing a gluten-free diet. We’re really passionate about our gluten-free products, and our customer feedback suggests that they taste as good as our non gluten-free products. All our products go through rigorous testing for taste, quality, and shelf life so we always ensure they reach customers at an excellent standard.

Gluten-free macarons by DeBaere

© DeBaere

What are your most popular gluten-free products?

We’ve recently introduced a new range of gluten-free goods including three new tray bakes. These products are sold in all the Wholefoods UK branches (including all stores in central London, Cheltenham & Scotland). They are:

  • Apple cake tray
  • Pistachio lemon tray
  • Pear, chocolate & cardamon tray

Debaere Display at WholeFoods London

In addition to the tray bakes, popular products from our existing gluten-free range are:

  • Orange and polenta loaf and cupcakes
  • Fruit and pistachio loaf

Also, we make delicious gluten-free macarons! In fact, we make 20,000 macaroons every week to cater to coffee shops, events, and retailers.

Blueberry macarons by DeBaere

© DeBaere

How do you safeguard against cross-contamination when preparing gluten-free food?

We have a time-segregated production system, in which gluten-free products are manufactured before any others. In addition, a thorough clean down is conducted prior to production. There’s also a separate decanting area so that raw ingredients can be de-boxed and de-bagged, weighed and sorted. We also make use of the Allerflow gluten-free test kit, which is sensitive to 5ppm of gluten. This is used to swab dedicated utensils and equipment before any production. Only when no trace of gluten is detected, production is allowed to start.

Essential information

  • Our gluten-free options are safe for gluten-allergy sufferers (people with Coeliac Disease)
  • All staff are aware of which items on the menu are gluten-free
  • Gluten-free options are clearly marked on our menu
  • We plan to add more gluten-free options to our menu
  • Gluten-free raw materials are purchased through approved suppliers, who have BRC Accreditation

Other allergies catered for in addition to gluten:

  • Celery
  • Crustacean
  • Egg
  • Mollusc
  • Mustard
  • Sesame Seed
  • Sulphur Dioxide

% of products available as a gluten-free option, or completely gluten-free:

  • Between 25% and 50%

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